GUS is a mobile application developed by Safe Travel International, a team with generations of security experience and knowledge. GUS aims to keep users alert and informed of incidents occurring around them, with push notifications and tracking features designed to give loved ones peace of mind when travelling.

Our Approach.

We designed a simple, clean and easy to use website for Safe Travel International. Using a minimalist approach we narrowed the site down to three main pages; Home, Frequently Asked Questions and Contact.

The website is designed to show off all of the applications features and inform users on how to use the applications and troubleshoot.

The website complements the primary branding of ‘GUS’. A vibrant red is used as an accent colour throughout the site.

Key Features.

  • Modern, responsive website that is appealing to look at on desktop and mobile devices
  • Consistent theming throughout entire website and product listings
  • Accent colours to match brand
  • Interactive FAQ page
  • Interactive contact form that emails the Safe Travel International team directly